Kennethmont Meeting 27 Oct 2016

Presentation slides (Kennethmont 27Oct2016) – reduced file size and quality.  

94 people came to Rannes Hall at Kennethmont last night. Mrs Lynne Staples-Scott greeted everyone and invited Fergus McGhie and Bill Henderson of WAPA to explain what SSE plc’s plans are, how to object and to whom, and what alternatives there are. Two Aberdeenshire Councillors also observed. Although invited, no representative of SSE plc attended. Comments included:

  • Communication with Aberdeenshire Council on policy and structure topics at this time may best be made via Piers Blaxter. Councillors may not express an opinion on SSE’s plans until SSE formally consults Aberdeenshire Council.
  • Individual letters are much more effective than petitions or even proforma-style letters
  • Making arguments about local placement could be more effective than making regional or national-scale arguments (one opinion) [Response: every individual should object as they see fit].
  • What were the arguments that Dumgal (Dumfries & Galloway pylon action) made that successfully led to Scottish Power greatly changing their 400Kv plans? [Answer – it was forming a structured group, engaging objectors, addressing politicians, questioning the need for the line to pass through their area]. Action is to find out more
  • Should SNH be contacted about the wild cat population on Gartly Muir which the corridor crosses)? [Answer – yes try to get them interested in this and the wildlife in general of the area – badgers, squirrels, owls, birds etc]

Voluntary donations totalled £110.39 – thanks to everyone who contributed. This will help pay for more leaflets, banners, hall hire, website and other expenses that promote everyone’s efforts to object.

Object to MSP Alexander Burnett ( or MP Alex Salmond (  Please ask them to influence Ofgem and SSE plc not to ruin unspoiled rural Aberdeenshire with monstrous huge pylons like those on the new Beauly-Denny power line. Alternatives are: (a) bury cables in a HVDC loop via North Sea directly to the consumer in the south (fewer transmission losses), (b) upgrade  the two existing overhead pylon lines from Keith to the central belt (cheaper). Either would avoid wrecking our heritage and our tourist business yet keep aspirations alive that Scotland is leading the renewables revolution in Europe.

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Actions to oppose SSE plc’s plans for huge pylons in rural West Aberdeenshire – better options exist