Monster New Pylons through Unspoiled West Aberdeenshire!

       A huge tower on the Beauly /                                        Denny line.

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  1. SSE plans to erect huge (50m/165ft) pylons from Keith to Kintore through untouched beautiful rural Aberdeenshire

2. This is wrong – why?

3. Better alternatives exist

4. How to object.  Email or write to:

  • SSE Project Manager Greig Taylor (
  • Alex Salmond MP
  • Stuart Donaldson MP
  • Alex Burnett MSP
  • Mike Rumbles MSP
  • Tell them:
  • that SSE’s decision for their 2016 preferred corridor is wrong – an existing pylon route already exists near the A96 which SSE should follow and not despoil other beautiful untouched landscapes that tourists currently come to see
  • their decision-making was based on vague criteria: no one understands why they chose their 2016 corridor
  • they should instead look at more acceptable alternatives:
    1. double the planned capacity of the new submarine cable planned from Peterhead to England
    2. bury new power lines while constructing the new dualled A96 between Inverness – Keith – Kintore. Two major infrastructure projects “from A to B” on similar timescale – surely Scotland can get its act together at minimal total cost?
    3. develop the existing pylon corridor from Keith to Kintore. Strengthen it or build within or nearby. This corridor is much shorter, lower cost and goes through low sensitivity environments than does SSE’s ‘2016 preferred corridor’ according to SSE’s own research.


See new film ( click on photo to view )  showing the beautiful untouched area that SSE’s 2016 corridor would vandalise (thanks to Graham at Aeroglen Ltd Also see the shorter version here.

Beautiful rural landscapes under threat:

Leith Hall
Leith Hall, Kennethmont next to SSE’s 2016 preferred pylon corridor
Unspoiled views from Bennachie
Hiker on Bennachie enjoys immense unspoiled views over SSE’s 2016 preferred pylon corridor

Wildlife, the rare Scottish Wildcat lives here, red squirrels as well.


West Aberdeenshire Pylon Action